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Discussion in 'Beaches' started by skyhigh, Sep 3, 2010.

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    Where would you suggest heading in the country to find the best beaches in Mauritius where you can do hiking and surfing?
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    hi skyhigh,

    Grand Bay is where some of the best beaches in Mauritius can be found such as Grand Bay Beach, and where most of the tourists head for a vacation as the area boasts many amenities such as water rentals and restaurants.

    If you want to hike, there is the nearby Black River Gorges National Park which is a lovely preserved natural rainforest, with spectacular waterfalls, and wildlife.

    For surfing and more opportunities for outdoor activities, you will want to head to Tamarin Bay Beach on the southwest coast of the island. Nearby, you will find the Yemen National Park, where you can book ecotourism tours and safaris.

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