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    I'l be taking my family on a trip to New Zealand this late August and we're looking for a quite and relaxing beach spot which also offers plenty of activities..anyone has anyone suggestions on some of the best beaches in New Zealand for this?
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    hi there,

    New Zealand's Bay of Islands would be my suggestion as some of the country's best beaches are found here.

    There are roughly over one hundred islands that are found here but the three main Bay of Islands townships are Russel, Kerikeri, and Paihia.

    Out of these three, Pahia offers some of the best options for fun activities such as whale watching tours, and it boasts many rental shops for snorkeling and diving equipment, etc.

    If you want to enjoy some fishing though, the town of Russell is an ideal Bay of Islands destination, as it has most charter boats, and you can easily hop on a ferry to get here from Paihia.
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    Beaches in new Zealand are Hot Water Beach,Hahei Beach and Cathedral Cove,New Chums Beach,Kuaotunu Beach,Whangamata Beach,the beautiful country that is New Zealand.

    The natural beauty of New Zealand is staggering. Beautiful snow capped mountains, beaches as long as the eye can see and vast forests you like this place and enjoy very much.
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    NZ has so many lovely beaches. Here are just a few of my top faves:

    #1 - Hot Water Beach, Coromandel Peninsula
    As the tide is going out or coming in, you can dig a hole in the sand and enjoy the thermal springs. Really novel! This is also a surf beach so you can do surfing, boogyboarding or body surfing there too.

    #2 - Kaiteriteri & any beach in Abel Tasman National Park
    This is such a gorgeous part of NZ. Definitely grab a sea kayak and go to one of the remote beaches and enjoy the sun and sand there.

    #3 - Pakiri and Goat Island, North of Warkworth
    Being on the Leigh Marine Reserve you can enjoy snorkelling and looking at the fish there as well as chilling out on the beach.

    #4 - Any beach on Waiheke Island, Auckland
    Travel by ferry to Waiheke Island and relax on one of the many beaches there. If you get bored, then do a winery tour there.

    #5 - Peachgrove Bay, Great Mercury Island
    Prestine white sand that squeaks as you walk. Only way there is by pleasure craft so reliant on you getting access to this to get there.

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