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  1. casandraM

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    hello guys,

    we're traveling to Buenos Aires early late this year with the intention of exploring Buenos Aires coastline, amd may be enjoying a beach vacation. Where are some of the best beaches near Buenos Aires where we can experience the best beaches in the region?
  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    The best beaches near Buenos Aires have to be along the breathtaking Mar del Plata because you will enjoy much more than just laying out in the sun here. There are plenty of water sports and activities to enjoy, touring historic districts.

    Mar del Plata can be easily reached by ferry or on a domestic flight, and it is one of the best places to find the best stretches of sand near Buenos Aires. Once you reach it, you will be blown away by the luxurious accommodations, restaurants, clubs, bars and cafes.
  3. qarumo

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    don't have to go as far as Mar del Plata

    Mar del Plata is one of the best beaches in Argentina,but to get there from Buenos Aires you have to take a 7 hour train ride. The nice thing about the ride even though long is that you get to ride along the beautiful coast.

    I reckon if you want to hit some nice beaches from Buenos Aires you don't have to go as far as Mar del Plata. For instance, Punta del Este is about a 2 hour ferry and then a bus; while Punta del Diablo is a short ferry ride to Montevideo then a 3 hour bus.
  4. leadko1

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    check the beaches in Uruguay

    That's the only drawback of Buenos Aires...there is lots to see and do but there isn't a city beach you can go to. In fact, you have to travel more than 150 miles to one such as Mar del Plata which is located about 5 hours train ride.

    There is also Punta del Este Beach which is about 4 hours from Buenos Aires but it is super-trendy and well worth the trip. You may also want to check the beaches in Uruguay which are really easy and quick to get to by ferry (2 hours).
  5. freenights

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    no beaches in Buenos Aires

    I agree that you might be disappointed to know that Buenos Aires is not known for great beaches, and certainly not for surfing. There are beaches and there is an ocean, but the beaches isn't why people come to Buenos Aires.

    As others from the forum have pointed out, you best bet is Punta del Este in Uruguay which funny enough would be the closest beach to Buenos Aires.
  6. jonasbrothers

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    Mar del Plata is the nearest

    Buenos Aires isn't known as a beach vacation destination. Mar del Plata is the nearest Argentinean beach to Buenos Aires, but it is packed with Argentinean tourists in the summer so it's not even worth heading there to be honest.

    I'd much rather take a trip by boat to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay which is an interesting insight and an inexpensive day trip by boat from Buenos Aires. You can also visit Iguazu Falls by bus or plane, and trust me, it's worth it!

  7. marley&me

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    Mar del Plata isn't the nearest beach

    Mar del Plata isn't the nearest beach from Buenos Aires, though it is the most beautiful and most visited city in the Argentinean coast. The beaches are about 300 miles away from Buenos Aires downtown, though it is in the same province.

    While in Buenos Aires you cannot miss going to Tigre to enjoy mini-trips in boats through the river!...just an advice if you go: take anti-repellent as the flies are way too hungry!
  8. morenog

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    exploring Buenos Aires coastline

    If you want to explore Buenos Aires coastline Mar de Plata has been suggested on the forum and I agree it's a beautiful place.

    However, there are many more cities and towns along the coast that you can visit such as Coastal district, Pinamar, Villa Gesell, Miramar and Necochea. Other places include the Ventana Sierras, Tandil, Tigre, the Paraná Delta, Isla Martín García, the Chascomús and Gómez lagoons, and La Plata.

  9. gaurav467

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    Argentine beaches are not day trips, as they require at least about a couple of hundred miles of travel each way.
  10. gekk@hq

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    beach towns in Buenos Aires

    If you want to enjoy the beach in Buenos Aires, one of the nicest little towns I know close to Villa Gesell is Mar de las Pampas and Bariloche. My wife and I just got back from a week long trip Bariloche and it was so great and peaceful that will be going back.

    We also loved Mar de las Pampas because of the many hotels and tourist amenities and the lovely pedestrian walkway along the shoreline that runs for miles.
  11. fburns

    fburns New Member

    hi these are some nice beaches by Buenos Aires

    Mar del Plata-6.5 hour train ride along the coast, Argentina, not supernice and kind of overrun now but pretty easy to get to

    Punta del Este -supertrendy, where all the socialite portenos go for their summer break,

    Uruguay -1-3 hour ferry and then a bus, very expensive in the summer season

    Punta del Diablo -Uruguay, quieter and more tranquilo, ferry to Montevideo then a 3.5 hour bus but pretty nice and less expensive

    hope this would be helpful

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