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Discussion in 'Puerto Rico' started by Vicolette, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    From those in the know, of the many beautiful beaches, which ones are the best for windsurfing, parasailing and snorkeling in Puerto Rico?.
  2. Bebo

    Bebo New Member

    Isla Verde is just about the best and most popular spot in Puerto Rico to go parasailing, tanning, bodysurfing, etc. Isla Verde is not one beach but a series of beaches that stretch for miles along the beautiful backdrop of San Juan.
  3. paezrosa

    paezrosa New Member

    snorkeling in PR

    if you are staying in San Juan, I'd suggest taking a day trip on a catamaran to the waters off the coast of Fajardo. They're the finest snorkeling waters in the Caribbean. Mona Island is also great for snorkeling. Btw, Mona is a remote island off the west coast of Puerto Rico.
  4. Noiukp

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    parasailing in Puerto Rico

    I've been parasailing above the Rincon Puerto Rico waters for years now, and the views from there are amazing.You can catch glimpses of sea turtles, dolphins and thing I love about parasailing is that it requires no special skills...just sit back and enjoy the ride;)

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