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Discussion in 'Caribbean Islands' started by wcptraveler, Mar 1, 2007.

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    When I'm vacation I like to lay out on the beach, preferrably a good one! Nothing beats the feeling of the world going by as you relax all day! I'd like to, hopefully, get out there again sometime this year and would love to experience other beaches. So for those of you who've been to the Caribbean, here are my picks of beaches...any suggestions on other places to try out?

    British Virgin Islands
    Check out Tortola's Cane Garden Bay. Locals are great and accommodations are nearby.

    St. Maarten/St. Martin
    There's about 39 beaches here my favorites here were Dawn Beach -- great for those who wish to go snorkeling, Maho Bay Beach -- great sunset views, Mullet Bay Beach -- more popular for surfers and easy to get to, and Great Bay Beach.

    St. John
    If you're on St. John, check out Honeymoon Beach. It's part of a 5,00 acre Virgin Island National Park. This is simply a huts, cabanas, just endless stretches of white sand and coral reefs. Honeymoon Beach is great for just letting the day go by...
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    Re: Best Caribbean Beaches?

    Hmm...well what island are you planning on staying at this time? Or will you be hopping around?

    If you're going to St. John again, one of the best Caribbean beaches is Trunk Bay. It's more modern with the facilities but has all of the great beach activities. Of course, you can just lay around and let the world pass you by yet again. But why not try out the snorkeling and surfing. It's one of the most popular beaches of the Caribbean and a favorite among cruise-ship passengers.
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    Re: Best Caribbean Beaches?

    I've been to the Caribbean 4 times and hope to go again before the end of winter. Its been a tough especially for you all on the East Coast. Hope to see you there!

    Heres' my picks for Best Caribbean Beaches:

    Virgin Islands -St John Cinnamon Bay

    British Virgin Islands: Cane Garden Bay

    Antigua: D ickenson Bay and Half Moon Bay

    St. Maarten/St Martin: Dawn Beach and Maho Bay Beach

    Trunk Bay (St. John) but lots cruise-ship passengers! it's known for its underwater snorkeling trail.

    Anguilla - Little Bay Beach. To reach this cove, you'll need to hire a boat or climb down 66 feet on the fishnet ladder tied to the bluff's top.

    St. John - Any beach on Caneel Bay
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    Re: Best Caribbean Beaches?

    Great tips, thanks for the information. I think I'll lay out in Antigua, try something new. I did some research on Half Moon Bay D360 recommended (thanks!), turns out it's just what I'm looking for....away from the city center, just long, quiet stretch of sand. Prime real estate for a beachgoer like me!
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    Tortola -- Smuggler's Cove, you'll need 4 wheel drive to get downthe dirt road, it's worth it.
  6. goranche

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    The best ones; Vradero beach, 16 km long, white sand, just beautiful. Also, Mayan Riviera is nice but not as nice as Varadero beach. Mayan Riviera is a little bit rocky. Please, see the photos from Varadero beach taken by me, it is beautiful. Visit cubaimages net.
  7. goranche

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    Varadero is great... I heard that Cayo Coco has great ones too, but never been there.
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    I would recommend:

    British Virgin Islands: Cane Garden Bay

    Antigua: D ckenson Bay and Half Moon Bay

    I would also recommend the beaches of many private islands. They are beautiful, remote and you have lots of privacy.

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