Best diving in Australia?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Elma, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Elma

    Elma New Member

    My OH used to be divemaster on the HMAS Brisbane off Mooloolaba and reckons that it, along with Wolf Rock - also in SE Queensland - are the best dive sites in oz.

    But what about anyone else? Where have you enjoyed diving?
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Hi, Scuba diving in Australia is a lifetime experience and I got an opportunity to experience the Australia scuba diving in the 2 most popular dive sites namely Broughton Island & Wedding Cake Island which are located near Sydney. Broughton Island is an excellent dive location and I saw enormous bull rays, grey nurse sharks, wobbygong sharks, big sea pens and a turtle. On the trip out I even watched out a few pods of dolphins right next to our boat. Wedding Cake Island is also one the interesting place for scuba diving in Australia. Located about just one km from Coogee Beach, it's an an excellent dive site, I saw many species of fish including snapper, kingfish, wobbegong, leatherjacket, rainbow fish, and a beautiful eastern blue devil. There are a huge variety of sponges and hard corals also be found here. Other than the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has many scuba diving sites and I feel it's the best place in the world for scuba diving. The Cairns & Port Douglas, Bargara, Gold Coast and Heron Island are some oth the popular diving spots in queensland. Really I had a nice diving holidays in Australia :)
  3. KrimsonTide

    KrimsonTide New Member

    Shark Bay, Western Australia. Stunning.

    And anything on the Great Barrier Reef of course, but thats an obvious one.

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