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  1. sometuinesqute

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    what are the best family beaches in italy near Rome, and what beaches have been awarded a blue flag?
  2. Danny

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    One of the best family beaches in Italy is Terracina Beach, around 2 hours drive south-west of Rome. The Terracina beach is among the best beaches on Italy's mainland because is very long and wide unlike most of Italy's beaches.

    If you're looking for cleanliness and safe bathing beaches not far from Rome, consider Sabaudia Beach, San Felice Circeo beach, Sperlonga beach, and Gaeta beach. All of these have been awarded the Blue Flag, and are only a couple of hours drive from Rome.
  3. jamescruz

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    Cattolica - Rimini, Nardo - Lecce, Capalbio - Grosseto, Cinque Terre - La Spezia, Pollica - Salerno and Isola del Giglio - Grosseto.
  4. Ellen_zoneth

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    Italy is one of the most famous tourism places in the world. There are many attractive places and wonderful beaches and villas in Italy. I would like to suggest you some name of lovely villas
    San Vito lo Capo
    San Teodoro
    Monterosso al Mare
    Santa Teresa di Gallura. These all are awesome beaches in Italy.

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