Best food in New Mexico

Discussion in 'New Mexico' started by wanderer, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. wanderer

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    I just love the food in New Mexico....I wanted to get your input on the best places to eat. I know Albuquerque and Santa Fe are both foodie towns. Any off the beaten path towns where it's good to eat? What's your favorite part of the New Mexico dining scene?
  2. danmark0

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    straight off the bat I'd say burritos and tacos, though albóndigas (meatballs), atole (thick, hot gruel made from corn) and bizcochito (an anise-flavored cookie) are other favorites of mine. Spots i normally go to are gardunos, el pinto, la fiesta restaurants and Vicki's eatery.
  3. adventGerm

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    best restaurants in New Mexico

    Downtown: Monroe's, Mary and Tito's, La Salita and the Frontier are some of the best in my opinion. they aren't fancy places but local gems where you can get the tastiest Mexican food. If you're a fan of patates and soapapillas, I recommend going to El Patio...very good food and very affordable.

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