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Discussion in 'Greece' started by ehmop, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. ehmop

    ehmop New Member

    I am considering a trip to Greece with my husband in the near future and would like input on the best Greek Island or your favorite one for that matter. We ideally want to go somewhere not too touristy and with great beaches

    any ideas welcome!
  2. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    So many Greek islands to choose from! I love Zakynthos and Kefalonia because of the breathtaking churches and architecture.

    The beaches here are stunning too and there is less tourism on these islands than on other Greek islands like Santorini, Mykonos, and Kriti so the essence of Greece is stronger on these two islands ion my opinion.

    Even though, they're not as touristy, there are a fair amount of shops, hotels and restaurants on both islands so you won't have problems getting accommodation there.

    The Greek Islands as a whole are amazing and you can find beaches in many places, no matter where you go. I hope that this was somewhat helpful!
  3. lovecorfu

    lovecorfu New Member

    I'm biased but I would have to say the Ionian islands are the best group. Very lush, Mediterranean climate and lots of culture.
  4. Santorini Hotels

    Santorini Hotels New Member

    You should visit Santorini once in your lifetime.
  5. gerryw80

    gerryw80 New Member

    You should consider trying out the Greek Island cruises. Santorini is a good option if you want to witness the culture there. its got all modern city lifestyles as well. Also Crete is good choice if you want a mix of pricavsy in secluded beaches or explore the ancient history of Greece. Its a mix of traditional and modern city luxuries both
  6. vinny90

    vinny90 New Member

    Crete & Corfu and Rhodes are the great piece of land surrounded by water and fulfill your demand of being less touristy and awesome beaches and colossal architecture.
  7. sophiewilson

    sophiewilson New Member

    Santorini remains my all time favorite. Especially because I love sunsets. :)

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