best hotels in Ibiza

Discussion in 'Spain' started by OptimusPrime, Nov 25, 2013.

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    Ibiza maybe one a small island but the amount of clubs and hotels on offer is outstanding! Whether you want to enjoy a family beach break or a clubbing vacation, Ibiza has a hotel to suit everyone. The top hotels in Ibiza at the moment are Marconfort El Greco, Hotel Bellamar, Club Hotel Portinatx, Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza and Hotel Sol Ibiza.
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    Well, I wouldnt bring my kids to Ibiza for a quite vacation! This is place is just for partying every day and not really for kids. There are so called family friendly hotels like the OP mentioned but honestly, Ibiza isn't really for families!
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    they dont call ibiza the party capital for no reason. i've never been there but i hear is crazy madness a 24/7 non-stop spring break craze.
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    best views of Ibiza

    Wherever you stay in Ibiza, you must go to the Ushuaia Tower hotel to enjoy panoramic views. From the top here you will be able to take in the most incredible views on the island and Playa d’en Bossa beach.

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