best money saving tip for Venezuela

Discussion in 'Venezuela' started by kevinferguson, Oct 14, 2013.

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    A flight to Venezuela works out very cheap if you can buy the plane tickets in the local currency. Problem is that you can't buy plane tickets using a non-Venezuelan credit card. The way to get around this is getting in touch with someone local there like a tour operator that you can trust to buy your flight ticket and you then pay them by bank transfer or Paypal.
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    Hey, I fully agree with you. You came out with a very nice solution.
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    booking domestic flights in Venezuela

    This is why it's great to have connections wherever you travel always benefits from a local's inside knowledge of their country. Like the original poster said, wait until you arrive to Venezuela and then seek out a travel agent. You may not be able to get a plane ticket for the same day you want to travel but the most you'll wait is 2-4 days.
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    hire a car in Venezuela

    Venezuela is a fairly cheap place once you are there. Gas is dirt cheap over there so you armed with a guide book and know a bit of spanish, renting a car is a great option for saving money. Reserve a car for pickup upon arrival at the airport...avis, budget, and alamo all have offices there.

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