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    Are they best museums in Ukraine located in Kiev? if so, what are the most popular ones visitors go to?

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    Kiev isn't the only place where you'll find museums, although a few of the best museums in Ukraine are found in Kiev such as the National Kiev Pechersk Lavra History. Other museums worth checking include:

    # Cultural Preserve
    # the Museum of Folk Architecture
    # Life of Ukraine in Pirogova
    # the National Museum of the Great Patriotic War.
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    We are planing to visit Kiev and hence I am gathering information about Ukraine specially Kiev, Odessa. Please suggest me the the place to stay over there and the best convenient way to go museums in Kiev and Odessa.
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    sightseeing in Ukraine

    sightseeing tours of Kiev might be best thing if you want to explore Kiev and Odessa. With a city tour you will get a guide who will tell you about the history, culture of the sites. There are also package tours you can book which will offer you the opportunity to all of Ukraine numerous sights and attractions.

    Check out hotels Kiev and Ukraine Connections for tour/day prices and how to arrange a tour for you to enable you to visit the museums of your choice.
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    I'd like to recommend you to check out this places in Kiev:
    - Chernobyl Museum in Kiev
    - The National Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War (World War II) in Kiev
    As for Odessa I think you'll find much more interesting things to do than visiting museums:)
    Have a great trip to Ukraine:)

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