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    we'll be traveling to the city of Rowy in northern Poland for 15 days and we want to explore as many natural attractions as we can..we love wildlife and hiking, what is the best National Park in Poland nearby Rowy? any ideas?
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    In my opinion, it'll have to be Slowinski National Park which is not too far from Rowy. If you love outdoor activities, Slowinski National Park has forests, beaches and lovely dunes that you can hike.

    There is also over 200 species of birds like migratory birds and breeding birds which thrive in the park. Other birds that you spot in Slowinski Park include mute swans and crested grebes to name a couple.
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    the Malopolska province is really the best place for nature and outdoor pursuits because it boasts six national parks...more than any other of Poland's provinces. However, if you're staying in Rowy, the Słowiński National Park will be the nearest. You'll find it on the Baltic coast, between Łeba and Rowy.
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    thanks for sharing guys.. I also wanted to go there soon

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