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Discussion in 'Curacao' started by lesanecrooks, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. lesanecrooks

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    hello people,

    A few of my friends are looking at a Caribbean vacation sometime in September, and I like the idea of Curacao but haven't been there before. Is nightlife as good as Jamaica and where do you find the best nightlife in Curacao? thanks
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    hi there,

    If you're expecting huge nightclubs like in Ibiza you won't find them here, although the nightlife is quite lively and many young people come here because of the relaxed, yet vibrant nightlife.

    As I say, you’ll find plenty of clubs and bars along the beaches. For instance, along Seaquarium Beach, you'll find the Mambo Beach Club and Restaurant which is one of the more well known of these.

    On Seaquarium Beach there are also movies on the beach on Tuesdays and on Saturdays and Sundays you have night parties with live music and dancing until dawn.

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