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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by nomas4, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. nomas4

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    We're going to Ireland this summer for two weeks for a golfing vacation although we want to also explore the sights there. Regarding clubs and pubs, where can we find the best nightlife in Dublin?
  2. Danny

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    Dublin is known for its pubs rather than clubs but if you’re looking for a nightclub in Dublin, head to the center of town, along either South William Street or Leeson Street.

    Many Dublin pubs have live music, so you will be able to find live music just about anywhere in the city on the weekends.

    The area I would recommend to find the best nightlife in Dublin is Temple Bar because of the variety of pubs, touristy atmosphere and laid-back vibe.
  3. IvanSweden

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    The Temple Bar DEFO !!!
    this area never sleeps. just avoid wearing white trainers, they do not allow to get into pubs/discos if you are wearing them.

    dark shoes are a must.
  4. deepakbisht

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    I too had been to Dublin for a business deal but was unable to enjoy it's nightlife. Surely will go to Tenney's Bar next time.
  5. Languedoc Villa

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    Pubs are what the city is famous for - try The Talace in Fleet Street..

    the real deal!
  6. killuminapi

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    clubs and pubs in Dublin

    The Gaiety theatre is one of Dublins most famous theaters in Ireland, but it also doubles as a night club on Friday and Saturday nights.

    However, the pubs in Dublin offer something different, not least an absence of tourists and a chance to meet real Dubs. Pubs are what the city is famous for so try The Palce in Fleet Street in Temple Bar. It's the the real deal!

  7. ankydas

    ankydas New Member

    I really like Dublin's nightlife. It is an amazing place and want to explore once again very soon.

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