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Discussion in 'Kenya' started by abitoda3, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. abitoda3

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    hello there,

    I am looking all over the net for the best place for bird watching in Kenya and I can't seem to find anything solid! We're not quite yet booking a trip there yet, but I would be grateful if some one could tell me where in Kenya it's best for bird watching?

  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    Nakuru has a large population of flamingos at the nearby Lake Nakuru, which are just two of the some 400 bird species found in the area, so I would certainly suggest going to Nakuru as there are nice lodges there. Alternatively, you can simply take a day trip from Nairobi.

    Apart from Flamingos, you can also see black and white rhinos, baboons, giraffes, and warthogs.

    If you do go to Lake Nakuru, you can also arrange tours of Hyrax Hill as the site is very close to Lake Nakuru National Park.
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    Lake Nakuru National Park is the best for bird watching,we visited last monthe and it was wonderful with over 350 species of birds. we slept inside the park at very nice accomodation WCK.It was great.

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