Best place in the world for vacation

Discussion in 'Italy' started by sas1, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. sas1

    sas1 New Member

    We are planning to go for vacation next year for some area which is really special. Can anyone suggest the best place in the world and the reason for it ?
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    So for getting out and seeing the sights I opt for Rome for weather, although I also love the Florida for just relaxing and doing nothing, although nothing can beat Bimini for really doing something. You should decide what sorts of things you like: museums, restaurants, beaches, amusements, whatever. Family vacations are different from solo or couples. Nice to Flying into London, the ferry to Boulogne, train across France and into Austria for the Strauss Festival in December/January (yeah, I know - COLD!) Or the Milford Trek in New Zealand. Or New York City with great shows, museums, and pizza! Pick a place that strikes your fancy, a place you read about in college, or where a movie was set, or from your friends. You'll find your own best place. In fact, you'll probably find many. Have fun deciding!

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