best place to spend the Holidays in Spain

Discussion in 'Spain' started by afzal1, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. afzal1

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    Hello Guys,

    I m planing to visit spain with my family to enjoy my holiday. I would like to know the best place in spain to spend a leisure holiday any one can help me out to find the best packages.
  2. VacationBuddy

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    Re: best holiday spots in Spain

    Is it summer you're traveling?..if so, there hundreds of holiday spots in Spain and it depends what you want out of your holiday in it the beach, or city attractions?

    I like Marbella, Barcelona, Huelva, Malaga, Murcia and Ibiza, which is the coolest spot in Spain in my opinion, for a fun vacation.

    You're traveling with family you say, but are you bringing kids? if so, I'd say Tarragona or Tenerife for a family vacation with kids.
  3. spend a holiday in Spain

    You can spend a holiday in Spain in either Madrid, which is a vibrant city with numerous restaurants and great nightlife, or you might want to stay in Barcelona which is a great tourist city with a lovely cosmopolitan feel, and plenty of cultural attractions, many cafes and street entertainers.

    If you want a beach vacation, nothing beats a holiday in Mallorca which has excellent beaches where you can lounge away the hours and enjoy the stunning sunsets.
  4. bestexcursion

    bestexcursion New Member

    If you want to spend your holidays chilling, than you need to come to Tenerife :)
  5. yumakan2

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    going to Spain on holiday

    anywhere in spain would be great to be honest...I personally love staying in the Costa del Sol resorts, though the Costa de la Luz a bit breezier if you want to visit in the summer. Barcelona and Madrid are great if you want a city-type vacation, but I'd avoid Madrid during the summer and visit in the fall instead. Mallorca and the Canary Islands are often overlooked by most people, but during the off season you can find some of the best deals for a beach vacation in Spain:)
  6. hasan29

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    The ten best places to visit in Spain:

    1. Cadiz
    2. Salamanca
    3. Valencia
    4. Madrid
    5. Barcelona
    6. Andalucia, Costa del Sol Granada
    7. Seville
    8. Malaga
    9. San Sebastian
    10. Bilbao
  7. speedoflight

    speedoflight New Member

    I agree with most of yours, but with some additions my top ten is:

    1. Barcelona
    2. Madrid
    3. Alicante
    4. Andalucia, Seville
    5. Malaga
    6. Andalucia, Cordoba
    7. Santiago de Compostela
    8. La Coruña
    9. Lanzarote
    10. Cadiz
  8. AgnesRiley

    AgnesRiley New Member

    Barcelona is beautiful, you get the perks of a beach holiday and the benefits of a cultural experience. I highly recommend it :)
  9. bizflats0

    bizflats0 New Member

    Hello afzal1

    Its good to plan a holiday trip with family and that to in Spain.
    I like Barcelona, Helluva, Murcia and Ibiza, which are the coolest spot in Spain in my opinion
  10. jaysamuel

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    Thank you for this great post and amazing tips for Travel. Very helpful info
  11. Ben Silkroadtrips

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    I have been to Barcelona Spain, amazing place. Love it.

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