Best place to travel Sapa or Halong

Discussion in 'Vietnam' started by chrisphh, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. chrisphh

    chrisphh New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm preparing travel to Vietnam with my family (6 people). We had only 4 days for travelling, perhaps we'll not travel two places Sapa and Halong. Therefore, we'll decide one of them, we don't know where was best place for travel with family. Any suggestions for us?
    Thanks a lot
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  2. VacationBuddy

    VacationBuddy Administrator

    when are you going? The reason I ask is because if you go there during the rainy season you won't like there as much. You can visit both Sapa and Halong and rent a car to go back and forth, though if I was you I#d probably get on a flight to save time.
  3. angellababy

    angellababy New Member

    In my opinion, you should travel in Halong if having family. Because Halong have many interesting and attractive activities for family such as kakaying, cruise and etc.
    Good luck for you
  4. StephanieGodfrey

    StephanieGodfrey New Member

    i love both, but prefer halong bay as my trip was so wonderful
  5. StephanieGodfrey

    StephanieGodfrey New Member

    we did a 3 day, 2 night cruise in halong bay, really impressed
  6. chrisphh

    chrisphh New Member

    You can refer website of Vietnam Tour Booking agency to plan your vacation.
  7. thaisakura

    thaisakura New Member

    SAPA video clip very beautiful

  8. StephanieGodfrey

    StephanieGodfrey New Member

    are you asking about agency in vietnam? I booked a cruise tour through travel agency name best price travel, I found them on tripadvisor, as their name, the price was good for our budget, this is the cruise i booked: Glory Legend Cruise Halong Bay: Best discount rates - BestPrice Travel ;)
  9. brayden lyle

    brayden lyle New Member

    I think you should spend time in Hanoi and Halong. From Hanoi to Halong, you can easily move by bus, which will take you some hours. In Halong, there are quite a few activities you can be involved in. Besides, you can hire a cruise to admire the unique beauty of Halong bay.
  10. maichau

    maichau New Member

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  11. Zay

    Zay New Member

    In my opinion, better you see Sapa, otherwise it will be too rush

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