Best places to go in 2012

Discussion in 'Vacations' started by wanderer, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Here's a wide-open question: What are the best places for vacations this year? What's hot? What's cool?
  2. Avatar

    Avatar New Member

    ideas on places to go in 2012

    Not sure about best places to vacation but here it's some ideas:

    USA: South Padre Island, the cascades, the great lakes, the Appalachians region.
    Europe: Turkey, Greece, Malta and southern Europe in general.
    Asia: Philippines, Cambodia, and pretty much anywhere in southeast Asia
  3. GeronimoD

    GeronimoD New Member

    better stay home in 2012

    To be honest, with the current world situation, harassment at airports, etc, etc; I would suggest staying home for a vacation to avoid all these hassles. Better still, drive if you can. Im planning a road trip from Denver Colorado to Yellowstone park in spring and cannot wait already;)
  4. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Good advice from both you. There are tons of exciting places out there. If you're looking for the best cheap vacations in 2012, it's hard to go wrong with a road trip. Yellowstone is pretty amazing...have fun Geronimo!
  5. Xmas2010

    Xmas2010 New Member

    2012 isn't really much different to 2011

    it depends though because airtravel isn't as cheap as it used to be..that being said I'd say that the best places to travel for this year will be the most affordable ones. I like the idea of a staycation or taking a road trip through states and stopping along the way. If money isn;t a problem then, I think you can pretty much travel anywhere you want anytime of the year. 2012 isn't really much different to 2011, 2010, 2009,etc...
  6. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    I would love to travel if money wasn't a problem! That would be fun. I think I'd go to Fiji.
  7. james365

    james365 New Member

    i want to travel to paris in 2012
  8. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    A trip to Paris would be quite lovely! I haven't been there in years. I should go back!
  9. holidaygermany

    holidaygermany New Member

    Paris is a stunning place to visit. There are many pleasing tourist spots. It is worth to go Paris once in life. I wish to go there in 2012.
  10. powernick

    powernick New Member

    Switzerland is the best place
  11. melliset

    melliset New Member

    London is the best option to enjoy a 2012 holiday. As the Olympics will soon be knocking on the door of London you will get a chance to see the most amazing olympic games and meanwhile you can also enjoy toursit places of London.
  12. ankydas

    ankydas New Member

    New York is a great place to travel and visit, one of the fastest places to live and die in the world.
  13. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Switzerland is pretty great; I have some family roots there and would love to go visit.

    Excellent point about London! This is a fantastic time to visit!
  14. aniejomes

    aniejomes New Member

    Ireland is the best vacation destination for 2012. There is so much to do and see in Ireland. And it is not so costly. You can enjoy golf vacations, equestrians vacations, enjoy lavish Irish cuisine , scenic beauty and many more. It has temperate climatic conditions, which makes it a first choice of almost all the travelers across the world.
  15. melliset

    melliset New Member

    I would love to go on a road trip to the spectacular mountain valleys of Scotland. Driving through the heart of Scottish highlands offering breathtaking views is something which simply cannot be missed.
  16. melliset

    melliset New Member

    Scotland is the best destination spot to travel.
  17. melliset

    melliset New Member

    A trip to Europe would be very cheerful, refreshing.

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