best railroad tours in the US

Discussion in 'Vacations' started by mjonason, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. mjonason

    mjonason New Member

    My wife and I like the idea of a Railroad vacation but we don't know how to go about it. How long does a typical railroad vacation last and which are the best railroad tours in the US? any suggestions welcome!
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    Hello Mjonason,

    Railroad tours can last a day or weeks long so it all depends what kind of experience you want. If you it is your first time on a train tour vacation, I'd recommend going for a shorter train ride tour.

    One of the best railroad tours in the US for short train tours is the Northwest Passage via Amtrak, traveling from Oregon to British Columbia over a twelve hour stretch.

    Along the way you get to see pristine scenery and many natural attractions such as Mt Rainier and stunning cloud formations.

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