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Discussion in 'Jamaica' started by GinnyDW, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. GinnyDW

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    Hello all,

    I was looking at Tensing Pen for my husband and I. The prices are a bit higher than what we have budgeted. Any recommendations on a resort a bit less expensive with the similar flavor?

  2. wanderer

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    Hi Gin, For other Negril hotels, The Caves also has the same beach and cliff set up, but it's also expensive. Travellers Beach Resort comes up with a lot of rewards for its mid-range budget. Hotel RIU properties also offer a lot for the $$ when you stay.

    Then, you can read on the forum about our traveler that loves her visits to the Hedonism II resort, but that's only for adventurous travelers!

    Have you thought about a cruise? Then you could visit Negril really cheaply and stay on the ship. I don't know if the resorts in Ochos Rios are a little cheaper. Maybe some other forum users can chip in.

    If you did want to stay at Tensing Pen, there are a few things you could do. The best would be to visit in the off season. It's always nice in Jamaica, but the bulk of the tourists come between December 15 and April 15. If you visited in early May or early December, I bet you can find better rates. Or maybe booking super last minute would find good rates. Booking late can be risky, but if you call the resort directly and ask what they have available, you might find a good deal. A lot of the airlines and such offer packages that drop the rates at the resort when you fly or cruise in the same package.
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    Jamaica offers a wide variety of accommodations, ranging from all-inclusive resorts to guarded campgrounds. Many of the tourists preferred to stay at Tensing Pen during their Jamaica tour, but unable to stay due to the price.

    Negril has many other beautiful resorts too such as Beaches Negril, Couples Negril and Sandals Resorts - all located very near to attractions of Negril.

    The Sandals Negril Beach Resortis loacted in the north of downtown Negril along Seven Mile Beach. You can enjoy the finest beaches of Jamaica, dramatic rugged cliffs and delicious fresh Jamaican Food. I really love that Curry goat with rice! very yummy! you will like too :)

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