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Discussion in 'Tunisia' started by guiruops, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. guiruops

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    I have been looking to go to Tunisia but wondered if it would be quiet in the evenings there. We would be going end of August for two weeks and don’t want to get bored!

    Can anyone recommend the best resort in Tunisia in terms of entertainment and things to do in the daytime / evening?

    Any help much appreciated, thanks.
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    I have been to Port el kantaui twice, and love there since it is very quiet and relaxing, though at night you can sit around the marina in the several little restaurants and have a great time.

    Another great resort is Sousee, which is a lot bigger and just 3 miles away from Port el Kantaui. Sousee has a better nightlife since it boasts more night clubs and bars.

    You can travel between Port el Kantaui resort and Sousee resort either by taxi, bus, horse and carriage or the noddy train.

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