Best restaurants in Key West?

Discussion in 'Florida' started by AliCat, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. AliCat

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    Does anyone have any suggestions for their favorite restaurants in Key West? I've heard that looking along Duval Street is the best area if you just want to pick something based on what you see, but I thought I'd solicit a few suggestions as well. Specifically, we are curious where to get the best key lime pie on Key West or any of the other keys, and other than that just want to try some good local places. Seven Fish and Louie's Backyard have both been talked up to me. Are they worth the hype? Anywhere else you'd suggest in addition to or instead of these? Thanks!

    Also - we have no food allergies, dietary restrictions, or picky eaters, so feel free to suggest anything you like.
  2. miss 70s

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    eating out in Key West

    so many favorites in Key West: Blue Heaven Restaurant, Louie's Backyard, Seven Fish, El Siboney Restaurant, Salute Key West, Michaels, and Strip House Steak House. as far as the best key lime pie on Key West it will have to be Key West Key Lime Pie Co, and Kermit's Key West Key Lime Shoppe.
  3. Vicolette

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    Oh my, when you visit Key West one of the "must visit" places is Sloppy Joe's. The restaurant, located on Duval Street, has been serving locals and tourists since 1933. Expect lots of atmosphere, good food, beer and drinks and rock with live music till the early hours. Casual cool. You don't want to miss it.
  4. The Travel Slut

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    Key West, to which I have been 25+ times and stayed probably 60 days total in the past 15 years has no shortage of great places to eat (and drink of course).

    Hands down musts:

    Breakfast: Blue Heaven
    Lunch: too many to list but Kelly's Caribbean. La trattoria
    Dinner: The Grand Cafe or 9-1-5 or Mangia, Mangia,

    Late Night: Jack Flats

    Touristy but fun to stop in and see: Margaritaville, Sloppy Joes, Fogerty's,
    Hard Rock
  5. Taylorross

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    Key West is a fun little party town. if your planning on hitting Duval street hard, I'd suggest getting a place within walking distance of where you plan to party. The part of Duval Street I prefer is the end up by Mallory Square. The area of Duval Street further south favors an alternative life style if you get my drift. I'd suggest staying at Bed and Breakfasts, there are lots of them in Key West, some better than others.
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    restaurants in Key West

    Blue Heaven Restaurant on Thomas Street is a favorite of mine. I go to this restaurant every winter vacation im in Key West. I usually do breakfast and lunch, though dinners I have to say are pricey. The atmosphere is great with outdoor seating, and the also have a nice Tiki Bar that makes excellent Margaritas and Martinis.

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