best route Denver to Jackson hole

Discussion in 'Colorado' started by luky7, Dec 30, 2014.

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    Denver to Jackson hole is about 600 miles and will take about 11 hrs drive (plus stop-overs). There are two routes you can take to get from Denver to Jackson Hole. One route is via interstate through Cheyenne, and the other route is via US 287 from Ft. Collins (Colorado) to Laramie (Wyoming). This last route is much quicker!
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    Denver to Jackson hole flights

    The drive isn't all that exciting though it's scenic and you will see old 1800 abandoned wood cabins. I'd personally just fly out into Jackson Hole to avoid the hassle. Both Frontier Airlines and United Airlines service this route. Expect to pay around $500 round trip.
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    If I were looking to go from Denver to Jackson Hole I would take route US-36 north to Boulder with direction to Rocky Mountain National Park (along US-34). From there, head west to Vernal (Utah) on US-40 west towards Dinosaur Monument. Once you get to Dinosaur National Monument take US-191 north towards Jackson Hole.

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