Best route from Perth to Esperance

Discussion in 'Australia' started by BertyJones, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. BertyJones

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    There are three main routes you can take to get to Esperance from Perth. The first route is via Coolgardie and Ravensthorpe. The second is via Brookton, Corrigin, Hyden and Ravensthorpe. The third is via Albany and Ravensthorpe. The quickest and best route is the second option, which takes about 8 hours (including breaks). This route goes through farm country, which means less crowdy roads. The coasts around Esperance makes for a truly spectacular road trip!
  2. ohnogoon

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    Take Interstate 40 with direction to Ravensthorpe town and from there take Route 1 (S Coast Highway) towards Esperance. It's a long drive, but this route passes by a few nature reserves.

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