Best shopping place in Saudia Arabia?

Discussion in 'Saudi Arabia' started by shootandscore, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. shootandscore

    shootandscore New Member

    Can anyone tell which city or place is best for shopping in Saudia Arabia ? I have heard about Riyadh but still need suggestions.
  2. onthelaptod

    onthelaptod New Member

    shopping for gold in Saudia Arabia?

    depends my friend! if you want to buy's best to go to Riyadh and head to one of the malls there like the Al faisaliah mall, kingdom tower mall, Al nemr mall etc. All these malls are on Al-olaya street though there are also many small shops selling gold on Al-olaya St.
  3. newstaion

    newstaion New Member

    old Bazaar of Madinah

    the shopping malls are nice but you get the best shopping experience at a street market...the old Bazaar of Madinah is one of the best street market of Saudi Arabia. It’s a great place to do souvenir hunting and get stuff like prayer mats, dates, miniature mosques,and Attar perfume.

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