Best time of year to travel to Florida Keys

Discussion in 'Florida' started by d360, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. 21dec2012

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    flying into Miami and driving up to Orlando

    I would certainly not consider flying into Miami and driving up to Orlando if you want to visit the Disney and other parks. By the time you get to Miami you'd have been on the road over 10 hours and you'd be exhausted. Then, take into consideration the 2 hour check in, 9 hour flight, getting through customs, immigration, etc; and all you will need a bed to lay and not a 6 hour drive.

    Also, you wouldn't be making any savings doing this route, and unless you planned to visit friends or stay locally for a couple of nights, it wouldn't be worth it in my opinion.
  2. bmkYU

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    Florida Keys are great for families

    hey folks, the Keys are great for a family vacation as there are lots of nice and educational things to do like swimming with dolphins. You can do this in all of the Keys in places like:

    -the Dolphin Research Center on Grassy Key
    -the Theater of the Sea in Islamorada
    -Dolphins Plus in Key Largo
    -the Dolphin Connection Discovery At Hawk's Cay
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    going to disneyworld

    You could easily plan for a vacation in the Florida Keys and then a trip to Disneyworld. If you're going to go to Disneyworld you may be aware that DW offers lots resort hotels. However, they are all very expensive in my opinion, even the Disney resorts that are supposed to cater to tight budgets. trust me, staying offsite is the way to go as it will cost less, though you'll need to rent a car.

  4. 80daysworld

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    best to drive to the Florida Keys

    I reckon flying into Miami and then renting a car is the best way of getting to the Florida Keys. also, it's cheaper to fly into Miami, and the drive across the Overseas Highway is stunning and worth the hour or so drive.

    In fact, when we did this drive with the family we considered this drive through the Keys to be part of our vacation itself. The drive from Miami took about 3 hours, but it all depends on your speed and traffic.

  5. 30lool

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    Hurricane Irene heading for Florida

    hey folks, Im currently in the Bahamas and wanted to let ya'll know that hurricane Irene is heading for Florida and the south of the US and it's expected to be a Category 3 Hurricane later today according to the National Hurricane Center. Hurricane Irene has already caused extensive damage over here but im glad is heading elsewhere... Also, don't underestimation category 3 storms..our storm was category 2 and was able to damage roofs and collapse enforced masonry out!
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    When to visit the Keys really depends on what activities you want to do. If snorkeling or scuba diving in the warm waters of the keys and the Dry Tortugas is at the top of the list, then the best time to go to the Florida Keys is during the summer months. Florida’s hurricane season runs from June to November and includes the rainy season, so keep this in mind if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, visiting local attractions, boating, or taking a charter fishing tour. Choosing between Orlando and the Keys is difficult. If you’re flying into Miami, the city has plenty of activities, swimming, parks, beaches, picnic areas, and attractions like the Miami Metrozoo and Seaquarium. Lots to do for everyone. At Disney, well it is just the best for children and adults who enjoy fun, food, and an abundance of rides geared for both kids and adults.
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    when to go to Florida Keys

    Florida Keys is lovely all year through, but October is the busiest in Key West because of Fantasy Fest. Also, if you plan to come in November, you'll be there during the tail end of hurricane season...It's unlikely you'll get a hurricane but it's good to be aware

    As far as accomodation, I think I would look into a short -term apartment rather than a hotel. Trust me, an apartment would be cheaper, especially in the middle keys such as Marathon Key which will be also much quieter than Key West and Key Largo.
  8. cincinnatikid

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    I would say November thru February...unless you like it hot!
  9. rajbadak

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    warm winter vacation in Florida Keys

    if you want to avoid the crowds then off-season is the best time. Winter and summer is fairly busy in the Keys, but if you're looking for a warm winter spot in the states Florida Keys is the spot! Key Largo is a nice place to stay, but if you want to explore the Keys, I would suggest the Middle Keys as a base. Marathon/Key Colony Beach are one hour from Key West and about 45 mins to KL. And if all else fails Google Beach Search

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