best time of year to visit grand canyon

Discussion in 'Arizona' started by BenDestiller, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. BenDestiller

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    Grand Canyon is amazing to visit anytime of year but the best time of year to visit grand canyon has to be spring (late april) and fall (mid september). You really want to avoid the crowds and heat of summer and the cold of winter). Saying this, I was at grand canyon skywalk early this year on february and I don't feel I could have picked a better time....hardly any crowds to speak of and the weather was good.

    Anyone been at grand canyon? whats your favorite side north or south rim?
  2. UrbanoXX

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    If you are able to choose when to visit the Grand Canyon, I would recommend going in late September/early October because the kids are back in school and crowds are very small. Having said, it won't be dead quite at Grand Canyon as it will still be busy, but not crazy-busy like summertime.
  3. Rhode2Hawaii

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    If summer is when you intend to go to the Grand Canyon, I strongly suggest that you plan ahead. Lodges, hotels, RV parks, tours, etc get booked up early as early as a year in advance. Also, remember that it gets real hot in the summer....below the rim, temperatures can get into the high 90's.
  4. Vicolette

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    I have friends planning a trip this October and they'll be traveling in their RV. I know of a couple of parks along the north and south rim. Are there any RV campgrounds within the Grand Canyon National Park anyone can recommend?
  5. tyra

    tyra New Member

    Yeah, late September is a good time I personally had experienced there and will suggest others to book a tour for late September, it's time to go now :D
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    I think the best time to visit Grand Canyon is between March & May. I visited in last April and the weather was quite cool and if you really avoid the crowd & need calm, quiet visit, then plan in April.
  7. joyne

    joyne New Member

    I've been to the Grand Canyon on January 1st and it was perfect as we were there pretty much on our own and alone :D
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