Best time place see northern lights?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by wanderer, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. wanderer

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    The big solar flare last week sent the northern lights far south. But if you want to see the northern lights, you can't beat a trip to Canada's north. The Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories have frequent light showings, especially in the fall and spring. You also can see the northern lights in Alaska, Finland and other northern locales.
  2. JohanDirrell

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    went to Iceland to see northern lights

    I went to Iceland last year in October for the primary purpose of seeing Northern Lights and I got to see them nicely. I went to Akureyri, which is quite away out of the capital but did it on a guided tour I booked in advance. My advice though it's to book the tours while in Rekjavik, there's plenty more companies to choose from and prices will much cheaper.
  3. kidloco

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    winter solstice and the northern lights

    I heard about Alaska, but the Scandanavian countries offer the best opportunities because of their location past the Arctic Circle to the North. Saying this, I would choose either Norway or Finland because many tour operators offer very affordable northern lights tours. Either way, keep in mind that the closer to the winter solstice and the farther north you go, the better the chances of seeing the northern lights!
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    watch the northern lights

    if you're looking for a vacation spot somewhere where you can watch the northern lights...look no further than Alaska. Anchorage and Fairbanks, and even as far sough as Juneau, are good spots in Alaska to see the northern lights during a short stay...though Anchorage and Fairbanks are better because they're both large enough cities to provide other entertainment.
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    Those all sound fantastic. I'm kind of tired of winter, but a trip way up north sounds great.
  6. PamelaWalker

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    The "Northern Lights", at their most dazzling from December to March when nights are longest and the sky darkest, can usually be seen even as far south as Juneau.

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