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    The summer months are Australia's peak season which means large with crowds and high prices. It is much more pleasant and cheaper if you avoid the summer season. During this time, the north of Australia gets particularly hot and humid, resulting in wet weather, but Australia as a whole is unpleasantly hot for touring around and outdoor sightseeing. Spring time is the nicest time (Sep-Nov) to enjoy Australia.
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    I booked my trip to Brisbane in the wrong season I wanted....The seasons are all inverted there so Spring runs from September to November, summer from December to February, etc. Luckily, I it was the autumn so the weather in March wasn't too bad. I believe the south of Australia gets hotter than the north....all weather is not the same in Australia.
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    peak season in Australia

    This is true weather is different all across Australia. I'd say though that May is overall a good of year to visit everywhere in Australia. In Queensland, the peak season runs from June to October, while in places such as the Gold and Sunshine Coast the peak season months are January, April, June, July, August, September/October and December.

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