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  1. renderurhert

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    It can be rainy in Bhutan all year around but end of September beginning of November is one of the best times to enjoy a trip in Bhutan. Weather is pleasant which is perfect for hiking.The monsoon season ends in the last week of august. The summer months (June thru August) is when rainfall gets heavy and temperature is more humid. Airfare though is cheaper during summer.
  2. dandelion1

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    Early March and mid-April tends to be dry and it's nice because of the flowers booming. Summer is a good time too because days are longer and it tends to be uncrowded. It does rain quite a bit July thru August but heavy rains happen mostly at night. Avoid December to February if you plan to's the winter season!
  3. ori6n3

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    I was there in autumn which was very beautiful. There are also many festivals going on during this season. I planned to be there in the summer (high season) but was finding it difficult to find a seats on the flights. Also, I was told that the days are shorter (night time sets at 5:30pm) so I decided to go in autumn. Spring has longer days too..
  4. varunindia88

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    Best time to visit Bhutan is spring and Autumn. Most Bhutanese festivals comes during these seasons and it is the ideal time for trekking and traveling through out the country
    Spring: March, April & May
    Autumn: September, October & November
  5. Ben Silkroadtrips

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    I would like to go Bhutan.
  6. Vikramkhanna

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    Bhutan is no ordinary place, it is known for its culture. October to December is the ideal time to visit Bhutan as the air is clear and fresh with sunny skies and the sky is very clear.
  7. lisatravel

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    Autumn is the best time to travel to Bhutan.
  8. Liza F

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    Autumn is the best time to visit Bhutan as well as spring. These seasons has longer days

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