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    hi, I don't know much about St Lucia and whether there is a best time to go, or worst time to avoid. I appreciate it if you could tell me about the weather there and best time to visit:)
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    I am happy to tell you that St Lucia is one of those places that you can visit all year around! No matter what the season, you will get the chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery and a chance to escape far from the every day.

    If you're the kind who associates vacations with relaxation or lots of adventure, you will find many opportunities for both relaxing by the beach, or enjoying fun tours.

    I should mention that St Lucia does have a high season which runs from mid-December to mid-April, so do expect many tourist crowds. I'd personally book a trip in early May if you want to find the best deals and fewer crowds.
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    Depending on various preferences for your vacation, just about any season could be the best time to visit St Lucia. High season is from mid-December to mid-April and is usually a welcome escape from chilly temperatures for many travelers, but because this is the time when most people are traveling to warmer weather, this will also mean higher prices and larger crowds. It's also important to consider local festivals and gathering when choosing the best time to go to St Lucia. Off-peak season starts at the beginning of June and lasts until the end of November, but this time of year brings a concern for weather, beginning with increased temperatures and followed up with the end of summer and autumn rainy season, which is the general time of year for most of the area's inclement weather and hurricanes. Bad weather aside, though, there is a dramatic drop in prices and crowds at this time of year, meaning budget travelers can take advantage of this opportunity for an exotic vacation, and travelers desiring solitude will find an ideal environment for a quiet experience on St Lucia.
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