best time to plan for Alaska glacier tour

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    What types of tours are available to explore Alaska and which one is the best? Would like to know the best time to plan for Alaska glacier tour. I have been to US many times, but never been to Alaska.. I really appreciate any help that any one can give.
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    From leisure & adventure trip to motorcoach tours, rail tours, cruise tours, boat safaris & helicopter tours, there are wide variety of choices available to explore the complete Alaska. I prefer land & cruise tours, because we can visit Alaska's interior attractions by luxury motor coaches and railcars as well as the glaciers by cruise. So that we can experience as much as possible during our Alaska vacation.

    Alaska cruises are very popular and the cruise season is from May to September. July and August will be the peak season, so you can book in May, June or in September. I booked with Princess Cruises in late July, and visited Glacier Bay National Park which features an array of spectacular glaciers over a mile wide. Tracy Arm Fjord is also a nice place with twin Sawyer Glaciers, and we sailed through snowcapped mountains, waterfalls and more. Then headed to College Fjord which is a home to 16 tidewater glaciers, then Hubbard Glacier.

    Glacier tours at Alaska is one of the most unforgettable outings, so book & get the opportunity to view the wonderful glaciers and have more fun.

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