best time to travel to Tunisia

Discussion in 'Tunisia' started by JohnConstantine, Dec 24, 2012.

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    Hello, Im wondering if it's a good time (winter) to be visiting Tunisia. I am assuming it's hot there all the time but I wanted to check here first to get some thoughts..what month would you think is best to travel there? The places I want to visit are Tunis, Carthage, Hammamet, Kairouan, Tozeur Oasis, Tataouine and Djerba. os I dont want rain spoiling everything..
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    It doesn't snow over there in Tunisia but trust they do get cold winters. About now it's winter in Tunisia so you will need to take jumpers and a raincoat for good measure because you may get rains too. I find that early winter is the best month to travel to Tunisia as rain isn't very likely (though you may get some) and sun is more prevalent.
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    Best time to visit Tunisia

    If you want good weather, do avoid traveling during the winter months. Late March-May-April is a good time to be in Tunisia (especially if you plan to stay away from the coast) as it's spring and weather starts to be warm and sunny. Other than that, if you want to enjoy a beach vacation then, go in either June, July or August as weather gets really hot.
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    best season to travel to tunisia

    Best time to travel to places like Tunisia depends entirely on what you want to do. What activities do you want to pursuit? I was in Tunisia last year trekking in the desert in mid autumn. I was told the best time to go desert trekking in Tunisia is late September to November and March to early May as days aren't too hot. If you do, remember that it will cold at night (not quite freezing) so you will need a couple of jumpers for good measure;)

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