best time to travel to uzbekistan

Discussion in 'Uzbekistan' started by ElCamono, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. ElCamono

    ElCamono New Member

    If you're wondering the best time to visit Uzbek, it would be March and April, though it rains. The spring and autumn months (May to June and September to November are nice but March and April months have off season, so flights are cheaper.

    Avoid winter time because is freezing freezing cold over there like you wouldn't believe. Anyone been there in the winter?
  2. NatalieRoss

    NatalieRoss New Member

    I love visiting Uzbek in June as weather is normally warm and flights prices are reasonable. The thing to note about weather in Uzbekistan is that it's cooler the further north you go up the country. For instance, in the summer the temp in Khiva isn't as hot as places like Tashkent and Samarkand.
  3. karatekidII

    karatekidII New Member

    I too agree that June is usually among the best months to visit Uzbekistan. Mind you though, Uzbek has a very varied landscape so if you stay somewhere near the mountains the weather will be much cooler than, say, in the desert areas. Be sure to pack hiking shoes (not flip-flops). rain gear and layers (and ladies, don't bother with skirts you won't need them for this destination).

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