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Discussion in 'Armenia' started by WAporter, May 24, 2013.

  1. WAporter

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    September thru October and April thru June are definitely the best times to travel to Armenia because is usually nice and warm enough but not too hot. I wouldn't travel between July and August because it can get very uncomfortable (especially in Yerevan). Saying this, summer is nice because it is very sunny and dry. Try to avoid traveling to Armenia November thru March because of cold weather and rain.
  2. Witchid4

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    I would say anytime between May and June would best to travel anywhere in the higher ground of Armenia; other than that I'd go in September. As long as you dont travel in august, you will like it there better and plane tickets will be cheaper too.
  3. MarioWario

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    you gotta visit Mount Ararat, which is the highest mountain in the world, and dont forget to buy some cool ancient rugs and carpets. Some carpet showrooms offer ancient carpets.
  4. WaxxPoetic

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    I'd check with your country before setting sail to Armenia and doing your research. Most flights I've found to Yerevan Armenia are pretty expensive, and there are border problems throughout the region. This means, you have to be prepared with all the necessary visas in advance and have cash at hand.

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