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Discussion in 'Atlantic City' started by bellasanta, May 20, 2010.

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    Im taking my family this summer to Atlantic City for a beach vacation mainly. I hear weather is all good all year but is there a rainy month during summer?
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    hi there,

    Yes, weather is good all through summer but avoid august as it is rainy. If you can come in July which is the warmest month of the year and perfect for a great time at the beach.

    Be aware, that summer is very busy in Atlantic City as it is the peak season, and expect things to be more expensive than normally. Either way, you'll have a great time here..have fun!
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    I would also agree that the summer is the nicest season. Late spring, early summer is really the time to go, and as aforementioned, it is the peak travel season for visitors, so be ready for higher prices and crowds at that time. Winter is certainly frigid and mostly avoided, but it has it's own charm, too. We were able to endure by running into the casinos and then running to the next one. It's not too bad, but you wouldn't really relish lingering in the cold wind. Also, the early spring and autumn can be nice as well, especially since you'll find more discounts and fewer people to contend with, though it is still a bit chilly at this time of year...bring a jacket for sure, and an umbrella in the late summer/autumn season. Definitely, the weather is one of the biggest factors for deciding when to go to Atlantic City.
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