best time to visit Chattanooga

Discussion in 'Tennessee' started by honestjonh1, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. honestjonh1

    honestjonh1 New Member

    we'd like to visit Chattanooga this March to check out Lookout it a good time to travel to Chattanooga then? what'll the weather be like? any ideas?
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    If you are planning to visit Chattanooga to explore Lookout Mountain, I'd suggest visiting Chattanooga during the summer, since the shuttle that goes up to Lookout Mountain runs only in summer.

    Overall, I wouldn't suggest visiting Chattanooga in winter and early spring since most of Chattanooga's attractions are outdoors and this months are the wettest ones. I'd say June and September are great months to visit Chattanooga since weather will be most pleasant.

    One of my favourite places to visit in Chattanooga is the Farmer’s market in downtown Chattanooga to buy goods from local craftsman and artisans. Honestly, the city as a whole is friendly so, you will love it here!

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