Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

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    There are several elements to consider when deciding on the when to go to Costa Rica, including the rainy season, your preferred activities for the trip, the chosen location, and local festivals. Costa Rica has just about a dozen microclimate zones, making it an excellent place to find a variety of temperature zones and terrains, as well.
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    best time to go Costa Rica

    The east coast of Costa Rica experiences rain all year around, though September and October are generally less wetter months, but it will still rain a lot for most people's liking. If you want a virtual guarantee of no rain when in Costa Rica then, the northern coast of Costa Rica overlooking the Pacific would the best place to be.

    Another thing you have to consider which is more important than weather is your budget. If your budget is limited it's best you travel during the low season (January-Feb) to benefit from better deals on accomodation.

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    the absolute best time ti visit Costa Rica's Caribbean side is September. It is NOT rainy season on the Caribbean side at that time. It is beautiful!
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    The high-season for Costa Rica tourism lasts from late November until April, when people from the northern latitudes are generally seeking warmer conditions. This also coincides with the "dry season" in Costa Rica, which could mean a little less rain during your time in the rainforest.

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