Best time to visit Croatia?

Discussion in 'Croatia' started by geneY, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. geneY

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    hey all,we're planning a first time trip to Croatia in Feb. and having a little confusion regarding the weather & the places in and around Dubrovnik. Would love to spend 6 days in Dubrovnik to visit the most interesting place in and around the can some one help us out to plan our trip and how to get around in Dubrovnik? - thanks.
  2. Andrew

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    Depends on the distance from Adriatic Sea, the places in Croatia has different weather conditions. Many cities of Croatia offer good weather year around and city of Dubrovnik is a coastal region, so offers typical Mediterranean climate, but good for having a wonderful Croatia vacation. July & August are the warmest months and January & February are the coldest months of the year, so take all your winter clothes and enjoy your Croatia vacation. In Dubrovnik, there are plenty buses and taxis available for getting around, but walking around the old city is a great experience and I enjoyed well during my 12 days Croatia vacation. You can rent a car in Dubrovnik airport and reach the city within half an hour. And arrange for a Dubrovnik city excursion and explore old city, Trsteno and the medieval coast resort of Cavtat. Plus visit the island of Mljet with its national park and monastery, and the medieval town on the island of Korcula. If you are staying weekends then visit the charming Croatia beach resort of Cavtat, it's a wonderful place. Walking the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik is a wonderful experience, so enjoy and have a nice Croatia vacation.
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    I have been at Croatia and i saw that they share so much history and their looks, customs, food and other are very similar. It is important to be open minded when going to places like Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia etc, as there are so many ways to enjoy your stay just by avoiding prejudice. People are welcoming, food is grate, nightlife vivid, and culture very colorful and rich. If you would like to read a travel journal written by Iranian American that spent three months in the Balkans, and learn about people that live there, current political and economic situation in the Balkans and the world
  4. anagb

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    the summer definitely !!!
  5. pjck

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    For a sightseeign?

    Spring or early autumn. It is relatively warm, but fresh, nice, not so hot as in the summer. It is easier to walk. However it is Mediteranean, so it is always mild comparing to northern Europe.
  6. shalalala

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    I always go during July and August Its very beautiful there but tends to get very HOT.
  7. mastermax

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    The best time is between 10 july and 25 august,that is prime time to visit this medieval city,pearl of Adriatic.

    I've been last week with my girl in Dubrovnik. It's an amazing city, specially the old part. In Dubrovnik, they call it grad-means town.
  8. Marie333

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    No doubt - SUMMER

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