Best time to visit haridwar

Discussion in 'India' started by ritika, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. ritika

    ritika New Member

    I am planning to visit haridwar in winter season but few people's said this time is not good for visiting haridwar. So anyone tell me which is the most peak time to visit haridwar or rishikesh.?
  2. Incapo

    Incapo New Member

    Depends if you don't mind the heat. Anytime between February, March, August and October would be good, especially between March and June when the days are hot but nights are pleasant. I like going there in July because of the Savan festival but it gets too crowded so it is better to avoid travelling to Haridwar during that time.
  3. findmystay

    findmystay New Member

    The peak time for traveling to Haridwar is from mid February to April.
  4. Sizzlerenderson

    Sizzlerenderson New Member

    haridwar is the most famous place in india many people were gone there every year
  5. Narayani Tours

    Narayani Tours New Member

    I think best time to visit haridwar would be February, March, August - October :)
  6. varunindia88

    varunindia88 New Member

    Haridwar is an ancient city in India. It is an important holy pilgrimage site in Uttarakhand. It has the largest sacred ghats to pray and and bathing. You can visit Haridwar in any season.
  7. stepinnhotels

    stepinnhotels New Member

    The right time to visit Haridwar would be February, March, August, September October.

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