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Discussion in 'Jordan' started by juanm, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. juanm

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    ..finally looking at a trip in Jordan, whats weather like in Jordan and when is best time to visit? thanks
  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    The best time to visit Jordan is between March and May) and between September and November as the temperatures are warm and cool.

    If you're planning to visit in winter, be aware that Jordan can be surprisingly cold and the deserts can be freezing, especially at night so, make sure you have plenty of warm clothes and a windproof and waterproof jacket.

    If you visit during the month of Ramadan make sure u do not eat, drink or smoke in public. This is also a busy time so book hotel rooms in advanced.
  3. jeuvaravive

    jeuvaravive New Member

    now we are in Ramadan & its not that busy at hotels , u can get u rooms or apartment so easy
  4. wokkadf

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    Re: best time to go to Petra

    I went to Petra before the Christmas week holiday and I thought it was lovely. I stayed in Petra and the weather wasn't too hot or too cold, just pleasant, and without many crowds.

    If you plan to go to other parts of Jordan like Palmyra or at Crac des Chevaliers, the weather is usually colder so you may want to bring a warm jacket with you.
  5. JMM

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    visiting jordan during ramadan

    I'd say to avoid visiting Jordan during Ramadan if you're a first timer as many restaurants and some attractions will be closed during the day. You can buy foods, but it is not polite to eat and drink in public when everybody around you is fasting.

    Having said this, Ramadan is a great time to be in Jordan as the evenings are like street parties, and at sunset many many restaurants will be full, and the atmosphere is amazing!
  6. festfest

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    Jordan during the summer months

    if you plan to travel to Jordan during the summer months (July-August) be in the know that it will be extremely hot in places like the dead sea, Petra and Wadi Rum. One good thing I would say about traveling to Jordan in summer is that there are fewer crowds and the hotel prices will be cheaper.

    Do make sure though you carry a large hat, drink lots of water and take breaks in shade during the hottest part of day to avoid a heat-stroke. If you follow this tips, summer in Jordan is bliss!
  7. vortiz

    vortiz New Member

    summer is crazy hot in Jordan

    Jordan in the summer is crazy hot with temperatures in the upper 45's. If you are not used to typical middle eastern weather you are going to find the heat almost unbearable during the day, and almost impossible to sleep at night.

    If you're not traveling with kids, the only reason why I would suggest going to Jordan in summer is because at this time of the year you will have sights like Petra almost to yourself, and flights will be cheaper.

    If heat isn't your thing, travel in either spring or autumn as these are the best times to travel as the days are warm, and nights are cool.
  8. sleepygiant

    sleepygiant New Member

    Be ready for the heat in Jordan

    Once you are by Petra it´s quite easy to get around. I went to Petra last year, and it seemed to be a safe place so you should be ok going on your own. Be ready for the heat and to walk a lot, though it's worth it trust me. Also, take a backpack with you with water and snacks and take breaks in shady areas every 20 minutes.

    Btw, I strongly suggest if Jordan will be the first time that you'll be in the Middle East that you book through a travel agent and arrange tours with a reputable tour operator.
  9. fitter4

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    Ramadan isn't best time

    Dont think is a good idea to travel to Jordan during Ramadan. In fact, all non-Muslims try to get out of the Middle East during Ramadan, mainly because there are consequences of breaking the rules during Ramadan.

    I've been four days in Jordan during Ramadan myself, but I was doing a guided tour of the Bedouin through the Wadi Rum desert. The Bedouin tour company told me that Ramadan has no effect on tourists, but I disagree because drinking alcohol isn't allowed during Ramadan, which is what can get you in trouble.

  10. airforke1

    airforke1 New Member

    come to Jordan in spring or fall

    I'd say that if you want to avoid all the tourists crowds come to Jordan in the spring or fall. Otherwise, you will find hordes of travelers flocking to Jordan to see sites like Petra and Jarash and you won't be able to enjoy these sites as good. Another nice thing about the spring and fall months is that the weather is cool enough to explore outdoors without having to worry about getting heat-struck.

    Mid you, you may get a few showers here and there, wind and the occasional heat wave, but overall spring and fall are the best time to be in Jordan.
  11. tkmaxx

    tkmaxx New Member

    avoid tourist season

    Jordan is way too busy during the tourist season so the best time to travel to Jordan is before or after the tourist season, which runs between May and October. If you dont like hot weather do avoid July and August, and travel instead in May ,September or October when the temperatures will be more pleasant.

    Another reason to travel in May ,September or October is because during that time you still could go to the dead sea, Petra and Aquaba; whereas In July and August it'd be way too hot and dry.

  12. portarl

    portarl New Member

    going to Jordan

    I'm not sure how long you're going to be in Jordan but wherever you stay dont miss touring Petra and experience floating in the waters of Dead Sea. If you do plan to see visit, you will find that Amman to the Dead Sea is around 30 minutes.

    You could stop at the Dead Sea Spa hotel and spend a day there for about $26 which isn't bad as you'll get to use all the facilities the hotel offers. From there, you could then set off for Petra which will take about 2 hours from the Dead Sea.
  13. sergy8

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    overview of Jordan

    hey folks, let me give you a little overview of my country: Jordan is a small country and mostly desert,though we have three distinct climatic zones which include the Jordan valley, mountain heights plateau and the desert or badia region. Most of Jordan's tourist attractions lie in the mountain heights Plateau, a strip which runs along the western edge of the country, and the Jordan Valley, which lies next to the Dead Sea.

    As far as weather, Jordan is a very sunny country, but it's best to be here between May and October.
  14. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    Hello. How are things going in Jordan these days? The end of the summer is drawing near, so it sounds like nicer weather is on the way.

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