best time to visit Kuopio

Discussion in 'Finland' started by looproadA4, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. looproadA4

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    is winter a bad time visit Kuopio? we're planning a winter trip to the city of Kuopio so im wondering what you advise..
  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    Winter travel to Kuopio is also great if not the best time to travel there. You can do so many fun things such as renting a snowmobile and explore the countryside.

    You can also do some downhill skiing in Kuopio, nearby ski resorts like Tahko and Kasurila which offer some good runs.

    Ice skating and ice fishing are also fun things to do on wintertime in Kuopio, and you can even enter yourself in the Finland Ice Marathon if you visit in late February.

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