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Discussion in 'Nebraska' started by O'dunL, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. O'dunL

    O'dunL New Member

    hey guys,

    When do you think is the best time to visit Nebraska..would you say summer or winter time?
  2. VacationBuddy

    VacationBuddy Administrator

    hi there,

    I would say both summer and winter are great times, and it comes down to what you enjoy doing.

    For instance, during the winter, Nebraska is mostly covered in snow, which is perfect for cross-country skiing, ice skating, and snowmobiling.

    During the summer, Nebraska state parks and the Great Plains make for great outdoor opportunities such as hiking and camping. Also, Nebraska has many miles of river so if you love fishing and boating, this is something else you can do.

    Hope this helps
  3. us4elec

    us4elec New Member

    going to Nebraska in summer

    I think summer is not a bad time to be in Nebraska, though it depends where you want to stay. For instance, weather is hot in the Crawford and Valentine areas in late June-mid July, though pretty much anywhere in northwestern Nebraska is in the high 90's that time of year.

    The good thing though about northwestern Nebraska is that it is not as humid as the rest of the state so you can expect cooler days and nights, particularly in areas such as the Wildcat Hills and Pine Ridge.
  4. vortiz

    vortiz New Member

    tornado season in Nebraska.

    I used to live in Omaha so I would recommend visiting in July an August when the weather is very nice most of the time and tornadoes are rare. If you do travel in June you should know that it's the peak month for tornadoes and heat waves.

    Do avoid the spring months, particularly the month of May which is the beginning of tornado season in Nebraska.
  5. jameshenderdom

    jameshenderdom New Member

    driving in Nebraska in winter

    Nebraska can get some crazy and unpredictable ice storms and arctic-like blizzard conditions without warning. In my opinion, early winter (around November) is a risky time to travel to Nebraska as it could be clear and simply chilly one minute, or you could get caught up in some serious weather conditions.

    If you travel to Nebraska during this time make sure you drive a 4x4 as they are very good for the snow, though if you hit an icy storm you will need chains. Either way, just keep a very close eye on the weather and keep supplies in the car (blanket, flashlight, food/water, tow rope, jumper cables, etc).
  6. 34jopux

    34jopux New Member

    Omaha is great!

    Buddy it will be hot as hell in Nebraska during the summer particularly in August. It will be hot and humid in Omaha and Lincoln which are your best cities to visit in Nebraska for culture attractions.

    If you play golf Nebraska is also a great place to be in summer as there are great golf courses such as Sand Hills which is one of the ten best courses in the US.

    There also some great steak restaurants in Nebraska such as in the old town part of Omaha (13th st area), and really cool comedy club over there too.
  7. miss 70s

    miss 70s New Member

    rural Nebraska

    yep weather can get pretty bad in rural Nebraska with nasty storms and crazy tornadoes but I don't think is all bad when you compare it to the earthquake in Chile and the tsunami in Japan.

    Of course, this doesn't change that fact that Nebraska's weather is horrendous most of the year, but I'd still choose Nebraska over any place prone to earthquakes and mudslides. I do think you'll love it in Nebraska in spring and early summer but not mid-summer which is extremely humid and hot.
  8. biooil

    biooil New Member

    visit in spring or fall

    If you're traveling to Nebraska to explore the outdoors, I suggest coming to Nebraska in spring or fall because of the slightly more pleasant temperatures. You can visit the state parks, historic trails, and of course those endless stretches of Great Plains which make for an awesome Nebraska travel.

    Nebraska also boasts more miles of river than any other state, so fishing and boating is something else you can do in Nebraska.
  9. florence2

    florence2 New Member

    when in Nebraska visit

    When in Nebraska, check out the home town of famous writer Willa Cather and the Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial and Educational Foundation and learn about the writer's life and Nebraskan life back in her days.

    If you will be traveling with kids, the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha is also worth checking out for a fun day out. Do go early in the morning as I spent the entire day walking with my nephews and even managed not to see it all because there is just so much to see like the aquarium with sharks, the Desert Dome, etc

  10. mjonason

    mjonason New Member

    visit Nebraska in autumn

    if you plan to be here in the fall, the state of Nebraska offers plenty of opportunity for outdoor recreation like leaf-peeping and scenic drives. The weather is turning a little colder as we speak and by September the autumn leaves will begin to change. I suggesting packing up the car and head off for an old-fashioned road trip along one of Nebraska's scenic drives particularly in early October which is the best time to view leaves in Nebraska.

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