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  1. terminador2

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    I have a few questions regarding traveling to Nepal. 1) When is the dry and rainy season? 2) when is the best time to visit Nepal 3) when do most people choose to visit Nepal?

  2. Danny

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    The dry season is October through May, while the rainy season is June through September is the wet season.

    Typically, September through November and March through May are considered the best time to visit Nepal because the weather is great.

    I would say that if you're planning a trek in Nepal, December and January are the best months for this because visibility is good.

    Overall, try to avoid mid-June through September because it's monsoon season so it rains all the time, roadways are mud pits, and landslides are not uncommon.
  3. skylinetreks

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    Yea I agree with previous post but December and January is cold if you doing specially trekking in Himalayas.
  4. marklee23

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    Nepal is most beautiful and Scenic and Serena country of Indian Continent. May to October is the very Weathery season to make your visit best and enjoyable. This time duration is very comfortable to trek in Himalaya. Take a Tours To Nepal between these months.
  5. weeehe

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    best time to go to Nepal

    I agree October and November are superb months to travel to Nepal, but January, you should know is laways very foggy and can interrupt your travel. Saying this, in January you won't find the huge crowds and airfare tickets will be cheaper.
  6. Mountain Leaders

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    Best Season to travel to Nepal would dafinetely be mid Sept to November, but there are other things to check before, like if you want to see the athenic festival, you need to first find out what are the major athenic group lives in the region you are visiting and find out which season the their festival lies in, this would make your trip far more memorable.
  7. pitterparker

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    Nepal has a typical monsoonal, two-season year.The dry season runs from October to May and monsoonal season runs from june to september. Autumn and spring (March to May) bring almost perfect weather and are definitely the best times to come to Nepal.
  8. pinki rawat

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    Nepal has a wide range of temperatures. And, what you can do in Nepal depends on what time of the year you are travelling. Late fall (Late September - November)and early spring (February - March) are the best times to go to Nepal.
  9. nepaltour

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    October, November to mid of December will be the best time. Actually Nepal is always best, I mean 12 months of a year but June/ july and to mid of August is hot and the monsson season
  10. adrift

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    Autumn and spring are the best time to visit Nepal and this is when most of the tourists come from all over the world.
    with the global warming, however the weather pattern is changing a bit. Monsoon clouds come in and downpour only by mid June prolonging the rain until mid September. So we have clear days and cool weather in October and November.
    Even though it is dry in Spring, it is hazy and Himalayan peaks are not clearly visible as in autumn except in the morning and evening.
    If you are just doing tours around Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan and may be short treks, the weather is perfect throughout winter. In winter, as high passes get closed because of snowfall, big trekking couldn't be organized. But it is perfect for tours and hikes.
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    Hi !

    I would say every season is good for traveling in Nepal but the best month is October, November and December.

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