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Discussion in 'New York' started by teecee, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. travelm12

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    Best time to go to New York City

    I agree NY is great to visit all year-round, but I would avoid traveling to NYC during the summer months. New York City is busy and crowded as it is throughout the year and the last thing you won't walking through the huge crowds!

    Even if you don't think you'll mind the NYC crowds, getting inside attractions is more expensive, hotels are way too overpriced. The one think I like about NYC during the summer though it's the summer events and being able to take nice strolls along Central Park, you gotta visit it!
  2. willsmith

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    not a good time to visit new york city

    I can tell you when is not a good time to visit New York City and that is in the summer. Summers in NYC are brutal and expensive to say the least unless you plan to stay at the beach all the time!

    If you really are planning to visit NYC this year to visit the city's attractions, go this September, or save it for April or May next year. Trust me, the temperatures will be great, hotels cheaper, less crowds, etc.

    Of course, the only thing that is great about the summers in NYC is the amount of festivals and events to go to and attend.
  3. blitterT

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    when to visit new york

    there isn't a good, bad, regular, worse time to visit New York City..not sure about the rest of the state, but Im born and bred in NYC and know the city like the palm of my hand so I can safely say rain or shine, NYC is the place to be always;)

    For the sake of this post I'd say as follows:

    -if you want to see NYC's city attractions and walk around the city, you need to come in the spring or fall.

    -for Broadway shows, you need to come in winter (Jan or Feb)

    -If you want to enjoy free entertainment like events and festivals, then come this'll love it!
  4. ezzexgal

    ezzexgal New Member

    traveling to New York City

    If you are travelling to NYC, I'd avoid staying right in the center of the city. Trust me, hotel rooms are super pricey and overpriced!

    I'd suggest staying in a New Jersey hotel such as the Westin and the Hyatt in Jersey City which cost about $180 per night. They are also both within walking distance of PATH, which gives you a 8 minute ride to Manhattan.
  5. castrox

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    New York is more than NYC

    New York is a big state so it sin't just New York City. I can see many posters talk about NYC but I think the original poster said New York..meaning the state. Let me give you some input. New York consists of 4 main areas besides NYC:

    Adirondack and Catskills: these regions are great any time of year as they are an outdoors paradise. fall foliage in Autumn; fishing, hunting, climbing, biking in spring and summer; and skiing and snowboarding in winter.

    Long-Island: Long Island weather isn’t very different from that of New York City, though summer heat waves and winter colds are less intense in Long Island.

    Niagara-Falls: the best time to visit the Niagara Falls have to be from mid-spring (May) until the early-fall (September).
  6. ukus

    ukus New Member

    New York City is best in winter

    For me, winter has to be the best time to be in NYC. I know most folks on this forum say summer or spring, but nothing beats the experience of Christmas and New Year's in the City.

    Honestly, New York City becomes a winter wonderland and an amazing place to be with your family. There is the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center and the Christmas window displays at Macy's, Bloomingdale's and Saks Fifth Avenue.

    You can also do a bit of ice skating at Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center and Central Park.
  7. georgioamadi

    georgioamadi New Member

    new york city during fall foliage

    New York has to be best during autumn when the state boasts a spectacular display of fall colors. If you're into leaf-peeping, there are plenty of tour operator offering fly drive tours in the Adirondacks, Niagara Falls and the catskills regions, as well as part of a New York City stay.

    You could even take a drive yourself with a rental car from New York City to Niagara Falls and stop for a tour at Boldt Castle in the Thousand Island region.
  8. llueve

    llueve New Member

    New York City subway handy tip

    If you've never been to NYC subway be prepared for the experience, which will be a challenging one, even worse than London's subway! My advice is when your traveling around manhattan & NYC you must know what way the subway is going. Why? Basically, subways can either go Uptown, Down East or West.

    So on the 6 line make sure you know what platform the train is going on. If you swipe your token and have to go to the other side you will have to exit, walk upstairs cross the road, enter the other subway and buy another token.
  9. jeffrie

    jeffrie New Member

    May and June are the ideal time to be in NYC

    I reckon both May and June are the ideal time to be in New York as weather is pleasant and not too hot. As far as accommodations, I agree that staying right in the center of NYC is way too expensive...I highly recommend Radio City Apartments as they are homey and have the conveniences of a home.

    Also, do buy the New York CityPass even if you think you won't need it. Trust me, the NYCpass is an excellent option for low-cost museum admissions and public transportation.
  10. kevinferguson

    kevinferguson New Member

    Rockefeller center rink

    The Rockefeller center rink is a classic attraction in New York that you have to experience. This place is truly magical specially during the annual tree lighting.

    It's a lot smaller than what you'd ever imagine, but it's still quite stunning. Expect long lines though... we waited about 50 minutes during the Christmas season..but seeing the tree and watching the light show was definitely worth the wait!

  11. hbo34

    hbo34 New Member

    NYC tourist traps

    Nobody seems to have mentioned on the forum about NYC tourist traps, which are plentiful and which you want to avoid at all costs if I were you like the Statue of Liberty and a ride to the top of the Empire State building.

    There are also plenty of renowned restaurants like Ellen's Diner, Carmine's, Dylan's Candy, HardRock and TGI Fridays that may seem great to visit but offer bad deals, poor food and extortionate prices.

  12. marino

    marino New Member

    wear comfy clothes in NYC

    Summers are great in the City, though if you plan to visit New York City this July or August remember that these months are hottest and most humid so the subway stations get extremely hot.

    I would dress with comfort clothes, but not flip flops or tank shorts as many restaurants will not seat you if you're dressing like that. I'd also advise against wearing white t-shirts or pants as they'll get dirty quickly, and wear comfortable shoes.
  13. 80daysworld

    80daysworld New Member

    I love summers in NYC!

    I love summers in NYC and any New Yorker like myself will tell you that summers are a great time in the City. Trust me, you will adore summer in the Big Apple as there are lots of fun stuff on offer like summer festivals, beaches, pools, outdoor concerts and movies, boat rides, etc..and most of it is completely free!

    Btw, if you like free tours be sure to join Justin Ferate's free walking tour of the Grand Central Station neighborhood. These tours gather at 12:30 every Friday on 42nd Street in front of the Altria/Whitney Museum across the street from Grand Central.
  14. john1110

    john1110 New Member

    great stuff going on in New York City

    there's always great stuff going on in New York City, so there's no real best or worst time to go as far Im concerned.

    As others have pointed out, during summer there are lots of free live events and festivals happening. Having said this, if you want to walk every city block to take in the sights, come in spring or fall usually as weather is most pleasant.
  15. Oi!

    Oi! New Member

    New York City is always busy

    You say you dont want to be completely surrounded by a group of tourists but you also don't want to be the only one on a tour? you wont really find that in NYC. IT's either full of tourists or normal, which is still busy. I think your safer bet will be avoiding the summer months and Christmas period if you dont want like the huge crowds.

  16. winterbreak

    winterbreak New Member

    book organized tours of New York

    You say you want to visit New mean NY State? if so, I suggest booking organized bus and motor-coach tours to explore the New York. On a double decker bus tour of NYC, you'll get to hop-on and hop-off in different points of the city such as Uptown, Downtown, and Brooklyn and explore the major attractions.

    On a motor-coach tour, you can do a one-day excursion to Niagara Falls, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. an do lots of sightseeing along the way.

  17. frogomenii

    frogomenii New Member

    9/11 in new york city

    September used to be a good month, but since 9/11 it isn't! I would stay away from the area as it gets real crowded and somewhat volatile. Instead go to Whole Foods in Time Warner Center and get some stuff for a picnic and spend a quite time in Central Park. Otherwise, if you want to pay your respects you could attend a gospel church mass.

  18. galaxyy23

    galaxyy23 New Member

    going to New York in October

    Im a frequent visitor to New York and I would say that the autumn in New York is the best time of the year personally. By the beginning of October the weather is not as muggy as in summer and the air is crisp and comfortable. There are also always plenty of events in New York City in October like NYC Oktoberfest, New York Film Festival, Columbus Day Parade, Greenwich Village Halloween Parade.

    Btw, did i mention that flights to New York in October are cheaper than during summer? Of course, that's only if you buy them in advance..Im seeing really good deals to NYC right now so start booking yoiur tickets if you want to go in October.
  19. gaurav467

    gaurav467 New Member

    Summer or winter, rain or shine, there's always great stuff going on in New York City, so when you're planning a trip to New York City, there's no real "best" or "worst" time to go.
  20. AliCat

    AliCat New Member

    Does anyone know roughly what dates are the best time to go to NYC to see the leaves at their peak? I know it varies from place to place, but I remember from living in Minnesota that there was a huge difference between early October and late October, for instance, in seeing the colors at their best.

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