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Discussion in 'New York' started by teecee, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. maroon5

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    hurricane Irene New York

    New York isn't a good time to visit as of late. Even though hurricane Irene's direct-hit on New York City failed to translate into major damage, places in the Catskill Mountains got a ton of floods and marooned families are still waiting anxiously for the national guard and firefighters to bring in food and water to towns swamped by the floodwaters.
  2. orion000

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    Hurricane Irene Update: NY

    Just letting you all know folks traveling to the east coast that Hurricane Irene is gone though it did make landfall near New York City on Sunday making hundreds of thousands of Long Island residents lose power. As a result of the damaging winds and flooding Irene brought to New York most of the East End still remains powerless and ravaged, particularly upstate New York and Vermont.
  3. 30lool

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    where to stay in New York City

    Anyone going to NYC would want to skip staying in the downtown area of NYC as it's just too expensive and not worth the money...believe it or not the NYC transportation system is very good so, it is possible to reach the city’s many sights by subway or bus easily.

    I'd suggest that you stay in Greenwich Village. Here two suggestions for accommodations: Abingdon Bed & Breakfast in the West Village; and Washington Square Hotel which is just across cross from Washington Square Park.
  4. jitendraa

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    First of all it’s depend on you , what you want to see.
    New York has amazing going on all year surrounding! It just depends what type of weather you want to be in.
  5. sergy8

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    New York City in December

    New York city is damn cold in December so I'd suggest a bit of layering. It's nice though being in the City during the holiday season especially around Fifth Avenue and Macy's in Herald Square. Ice skating in Central park or at Rockefeller Center is nice. Also, taking a carriage ride through the park while drinking chocolate is a very romantic thing to do..i recommended to all lovers out there;)
  6. jitendraa

    jitendraa New Member

    winter is best time according to most people, especially in Xmas
  7. derionlion

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    new york christmas lights switch on 2011

    The Rockefeller Center tree is usually switched on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving - this year, it might be December 2nd. Other lights and decorations are up a week before Thanksgiving (the 4th Thursday in November).

    Also, don`t miss The Radio City Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. This year's show opens on November 13.
  8. milfordplaza

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    Anyone going to NYC would want to miss remaining in the town center place of NYC as it's just too costly and not value the cash...believe it or not the NYC transport program is very excellent so, it is possible to arrive at its many places by train or bus quickly.
  9. pinki rawat

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    New York City is in the North Eastern part of the US, and we experience a variety of weather conditions and temperatures. Though most people would probably prefer to visit during the warmer months, with a little extra clothing in your luggage, you can have a marvelous time in New York City any time of the year.
  10. mitraveler

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    If you want a scenic trip in the fall, it's worth it to head north of New York City. The Hudson River Valley is especially delightful when the leaves change. Pinki is right...if you pack well, you can enjoy your visit. The leaves are quite spectacular in last September and early October, which is a great time for Hudson River Cruises.
  11. flytimetravel

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    New York City is composed of five zones called boroughs; think of them as very large neighborhoods encompassing lots of smaller communities. Summer temperatures can get as high as 100 degrees. Winter can be punishing in New York.

    And If you're an arts and theater aficionado, fall is the best time to visit New York.
  12. Eithan

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    it depend in which season you want to go. if you want to go in winter than December and January is best.
    And in summer June and July is best.
  13. brightsuntravel

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    Hello Eithan
    Yes, you are right. December and January are best for winter season and for Summer season, June and July are the best. Well! thank you so much for sharing nice information with us. I really appreciate your work, keep it up.

  14. twizz

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    Hey guys and girls,

    I'm planning on visiting NYC from Australia, and was thinking around late february/early March
    would it be too cold to do all the usual sightseeing? and see some Knicks basketball games
  15. abharoy

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    The best time to go to New York is anytime. Every season in Gotham offers guests many reasons to visit. Early fall offers crisp breezes, bright sun and cozy temperatures whereas late fall and winter have fun with the Macy's. Thanksgiving Day national holiday feast day fete day Parade and holiday decorations. Deep winter — Jan and Feb month — is cold, however that conjointly means that hotel rates. Spring is superb and New Yonkers celebrate the thaw by taking to the streets, looking at outside markets, frolicking in Central Park and eating outside. Summer is hot, but hey, thus area unit legion places and a minimum of this can be New York.
  16. wanderer

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    This is a great time of year to visit northern New York, especially if you want to see Buffalo or Niagara Falls. It's really nice there in the summer with sunny skies and of course no snow. It's not really that hot and there is a lot of activity in the summertime. When I was there, I was surprised by how much there was to do.

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