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    From experience, I would say that anytime between October and February is a great time to be in rajasthan. Having said this, if you are going to be there for the first time, you need to be aware of the Indian tourist travel, which is mostly during the new year and the Diwali festivals, which this year happen around mid November.
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    well, to give you a clear idea of when you may want to visit Rajastan, you want to know what the weather is like throughout the year. January to March (winters), April to June (summer), July to September (monsoon), and October to December (post monsoon). I wouldn't visit in the summer as it is hot and humid.
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    I was just reading an article about Rajasthan and what a hidden gem the area is for tourists interested in lesser known sites like the collection of miniature paintings in the Bundi Palace, ancient Baroli Temples and the Bhainsrorgarh Fort. These historical places look like a great addition for travelers interested in history.
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    Travelling in Rajasthan is most visitable time start from Oct to till Feb ( Perfect time to Visit, weather would be pleasant to visit )

    This year Diwali festival is on Nov 3 so, mostly tourists prefer to travel in this period, but also during X-mas and New year

    The month of January is also good to enjoy because of winters.

    If you are having limited budget, then can go with Independent tour ( travel in train , local buses etc. ) OR you can hire a cab ( more comfortable and easy ) and book hotel online and stay.
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    winters are best to visit.Oct to Dec .
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    Summers April to June 24°c - 45°c
    Monsoon July to Sep 21°c - 35°c
    Winter Oct to March 10°c - 27°c
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    You can visit Rajasthan at any time in the year. But October to March is the best time to visit and explore the culture and heritage sites. In summer season you will find too hot due to sand and desert.
  8. Kristinperry

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    October to March is the best time to visit Rajasthan and you can explore heritage and culture sites.
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    you can visit Rajasthan any time of year. But i preferred to visit Rajasthan in winter season.
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    Rajasthan, the land of maharajas, is the largest state of India. It is one of the most colorful and top tourist destination of India.

    If you really want to travel and explore the royal rajasthan, you can visit anytime. But according to me Winters are best time to visit Rajasthan, October to March.

  11. stepinnhotels

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    you can visit rajasthan any time of year. but i preferred to visit Rajasthan in oct to mar ( winter season).
  12. Vikramkhanna

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    The best time to visit Rajasthan would be during winter season ranging from - October till march. If you happen to plan you holiday make the most of it during this period.
  13. SyedHidayath

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    You can visit Rajasthan during the winter season i.e. anytime in between the months of November to February.
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    Is it okay to visit Rajasthan during November?
  16. horizontour

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    The largest state in India, Rajasthan's climate can be divided into four seasons i.e. summer, monsoon, post-monsoon and winter. Temperatures vary depending on the season and the region you plan to visit, but by and large you can visit the state any time of year and find something new to do each time.

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    Rajasthan is the great place to history lover person,i like this place so much,there are so much beautiful place to visit,like sheesh mahal,temple and fort..
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    Rajasthan is the wonderful place to visit..jaipur is the pink city that is amazing palce to tourist..
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