Best time to visit Vegas?

Discussion in 'Other Las Vegas Topics' started by jrc, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. jrc

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    It seems we have a couple guys here who are pretty familiar with Las Vegas, I was just wondering if I could get a ranking of each month as far as when to visit Vegas. Which month is best? Which is worst? And none of this "every month is awesome!" crap please. I'd like to eventually make it out there, but would hate to pick one of the bad months and not enjoy myself as much as I could. As for what I like...a little gambling, a little partying, but nothing too excessive, and I don't want to die of heat stroke. Thanks in advance.
  2. everyann

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    I went to Vegas a couple years back on the month of August. Definitelly HOT! It may as well have been "clothes optional". It was tolerable at night but I think during the winter would be more pleasant.

    However, I've heard that the off-season is between Thanksgiving and Christmas so you may not enjoy "Vegas" to its fullest. I would suggest going sometime between March and May when the weather is nice.
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  3. d360

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    I've been to Las Vegas just about every month of the year and Yes! there's never a bad time to be in Vegas. Although slow times are generally in the summer when its 100-110 degrees. Las Vegas Weather

    Spring is great for the Spring Break Party Crowd if your in to that.

    Fall is nice since the weather cools down a bit but overall if your outside in Vegas your probably around the pool or walking from AC enviroment to the next one.

    Hotel prices vary quite a bit from the slow time of year to the highest season but the high season is typically large events, tradeshows, and weekends.

    The great thing about Vegas is it works around your schedule whenever its go to go is when you should be there!!
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  4. gopoyu

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    im planning a trip to Las Vegas this to treat my girl. I hear that Vegas is great for an spontaneous trips? if so? will flights be more expensive than booking in advance..what do you think ?
  5. Ruby

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    I think a few years back most people would take a trip to Las Vegas spontaneously as there wasn't a destination like Vegas that was as easy to fly to, as inexpensive to fly to.

    The thing is that now most people know about Vegas, so booking in advance is necessary to get the best value. I'd say plan three weeks to a month in advance to ensure that a cheap flight is still available.

    As far as hotel rooms, Las Vegas likely has one to spare whether you book a month in advance or walk up to the desk.
  6. wanderer

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    Boy, I think the best time to go to Las Vegas depends on what you want. If you are the kind who's looking for the big pool party, you'll want to go in the summer.

    I think winter might be the best time to visit Vegas for an impromptu visit. If you look at a time when a lot of people aren't traveling, you might be able to find a good package or a special rate.

    Then again, the best time to visit Vegas might be when you want to go. It's always great there!
  7. edi1

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    don't visit Vegas in summer

    Anyone who tells you to come visit Vegas in summer is pulling your leg. We were in Vegas last summer and early this year, and July was brutally hot! Luckily, the pool in our Las Vegas hotel did an incredible job of keeping us cool and keeping the action level peaked throughout the day.

    It's cheaper to fly to Vegas in summer, but if you're not used to the heat, leave it for Jan or Oct as weather will be more bearable..remember that Vegas is in a desert!
  8. smanthalocke

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    go to Vegas in Christmas

    If you can afford it, I'd suggest to go to Vegas in December during the holiday season. Honestly, Christmas and New Year’s eve in Sin City is just mid-blowing and unbeatable.

    If you think NYC is big in Christmas, wait till you visit Vegas during the holiday season as Las Vegas is known for doing everything big.

    One tip though if you want to visit in December, do plan ahead (like right now) and get your flight tickets early because things get pricey and sell out fast around that time of year.
  9. ak45

    ak45 New Member

    off-season in Las Vegas

    It's true there isn't really an off-season in Las Vegas, but as someone said on this forum try to avoid the blistering summer months, the holidays and spring break.

    Also, if you are a budget-conscious traveler, you'll want to try to keep your flight arranged for a mid-week departure as this is a less busy time to travel to Vegas and you can grab yourself a bargain on airfare. I personally recommend looking for red-eye flights if you want to shave even more off the cost of your ticket.

    Good luck!
  10. coriesanders

    coriesanders New Member

    Las Vegas during spring break

    There was a time when Vegas was great to visit during spring, but nowadays you have to avoid Vegas during the spring break months as college kids aren't just flying to Florida and Mexico these days.

    Las Vegas has really become one of the most popular destinations for spring breakers which is such a damn pity because I used to love it here in March and April.

    Of course, if you're into the young scene, do visit Vegas in spring break as Vegas has some good events like concerts, pool parties, etc

  11. melchor

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    dont buy into the Vegas hype

    I know Vegas is named Sin City and the place to let loose and lose all your morals. But before you do, I wanted to give you some tips so you won't end-up wasted before you even land in Vegas.

    People don't seem to realize that Las Vegas is open 24 hours, yet most people insist and getting drunk and acting as it Vegas was going to all of the suddenly disappear. My advice is don't let loose on your first day in Las Vegas, and stay away from drinking and driving, and other illegal activities over there.

  12. helena23

    helena23 New Member

    partying the night in Vegas

    If you want to spend all your Vegas vacation partying the night and day away, I suggest looking for a hotel with a great atmosphere and lots to do such as Caesars Palace or Hard Rock.

    Trust me, you and your buddies will love it in Caesars Palace as it has a number of great restaurants; while Hard Rock is the spot to party with all the rock stars, celebrities and party types, so you'll feel right at home.

    Oh, did I mention that the nightclub Pure is at Caesars Palace? Pure has to be not only one of the top nightclubs in Vegas but also the world.

  13. advent34

    advent34 New Member

    thanksgiving in las vegas

    I have gone to Vegas during thanksgiving and I can tell you that it's very quiet over in Vegas, but it's far from dead so you can still have a great time. I'd actually suggest coming during thanksgiving as you will be able to get around without to much of a problem.

    Trust me, when its busy is Las Vegas it can take an hour to drive down the strip; whereas during thanksgiving it will probably take 15 minutes. Either way, you are going to have a great time in Las Vegas no matter when you visit as there is always something going on in Las Vegas.
  14. freddi01

    freddi01 New Member

    Vegas in summer is damn hot

    I agree with wanderer...if you travel this summer to Las Vegas and are the party type, a pool party in Las Vegas is the way to cool down. There are many hotels such as the Venetian, MGM Mirage, MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay with their own pool parties.

    the only real drawback for me about Vegas in summer is that it's damn hot and temperatures average 90 degrees most days, though it is a dry heat, so it isn't as bad as Florida's heat. Make sure you drink lots of water especially if you are outside as you can get dehydrated pretty quickly.

  15. 9jouer

    9jouer New Member

    going to Vegas on a shoulder month

    the good thing about going to Vegas on a shoulder month like September and February is that hotels in Las Vegas offer plenty of offers and package deals. Also, avoid staying over the weekend and visiting Vegas during a convention as you'll find that a typical room that goes for around $70 a night normally may cost well over $200 a night because of a big convention in town.

    Btw, casino hotels also have a reduced "casino rate" for guests who play their slot machines and table games so, if you plan to gamble you may want to book your room at one of these casino hotels.
  16. bmd

    bmd Guest

    As far as month to month...that seems to be asking a lot. There are twelve months, and the seasons don't change so drastically that you would need a month to month assessment; however, the seasons are very significant to learn about when thinking about when to go to Las Vegas. I went in the summer and mid winter. I enjoyed my time both times, but if you do go in the summer and decide to go for a walk, make sure your sack is packed with water, because you'll be in for a scorcher. All I had to do was step out of the hotel, and I was sweaty within five minutes, no exaggeration. My winter experience was much more pleasant with regards to the weather. I did wear a light sweater or jacket for most of my outdoor time, but I saw some others with shorts and tank tops. I would even venture to say that early spring and later autumn would be very pleasant times to visit as well.
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  17. gaurav467

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    It’s difficult to say when the best time to visit Las Vegas is since it's perennially peak season in the city that never sleeps. While the cooler climes of spring and fall make the stay that much more pleasant, Las Vegas's weather in summer brings the kids and the TMZ-style pool parties.

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